Who are we?

Afro Fem Coders

Afro Fem Coders aims to create a space that gives women a chance to learn programming in a safe and encouraging environment. By empowering young sub-saharan African women to code, we are shaping leaders who will innovate and positively impact people’s lives. Students in our program benefit from coding classes,guest speaker keynotes, mentorship from women pursuing engineering careers in the silicon valley, college application guidance, hackathons and more. We approach the classes with a project-based teaching style. Our community is currently made up of 5000+ students across 20+ African countries. Our work has been covered by major media companies such as BBC and CBS among others.

Who are we?

Afro Fem Coders

Afro Fem Coders

Our Courses

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Web Development

This track includes an introduction to HTML, CSS, Javascript, and React. Through different projects, students get hands-on experience needed to build websites. The class introduces them to the web development process starting from building websites to deploying the websites

Python Programming

This class introduces the students to fundamentals of programming in Python. The students get to build applications after learning the language. The students also come up with a final project of their own using the skills. This class is purely project based. learned in the class.

Block based Programming

This class introduces students to block based programming in scratch. Block based programming is a good way to introduce anyone to coding. This class enables students to build games and projects that are visually appealing.

Data Science

This class enables students to gain the experience needed to inspect, clean, and transform data to reveal useful information. The machine learning aspect introduces common machine learning algorithms, which students will implement using popular Python libraries, to achieve predictive tasks

Technical Interview Preparation

Students get the experience with technical interview questions and the interviewing process in this class. Aside from working on technical questions, we shall have guest speakers share their experience interviewing for different tech roles and what they learned.

Design Innovation

This is an Introduction to Human-Centered-Design with a focus on understanding the design process and using tools such as Figma to design products. This class enables women who want to pursue design careers to get the hands-on experience required for UI/UX research roles.


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More About Our Instructors

Our Instructors

Gloria Tumushabe

Technical Interview Prep

Lavanya Vijayan

Programming and Data Science

Concepta Njolima

Web Development

Brian Mukeswe

Data Analytics

Olivia Hsu

Data Science

Lindah Kinya

Python and Data Analytics

Tensae Kebede

Python and Data Analytics

Haggai Kaunda

Web Development

Gordon Kisakye

Web Development

Tina Taleb

Design Innovation

Arlena Musinga

Design Innovation

Grace Kevin Namatende

Scratch and Python

Kaffa Sakho

Data Science

Alex Mutwiri

Algorithms and Data Structures

Daniel Shiferaw

Web development


Angel Nagaba

Class Information

Exposing Women to Computer Science

Our goal is to increase the number of African female programmers by over 1000000 within the next decade. Sign up below for our future classes

  • We are hosting currently running a Data Analytics Class with students from over 20 African countries
  • Our next class will be a Algorithms and Data Structures Class in Python introducing fundamentals needed for software engineering. Our students receive a certificate of completion and top students receive awards
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